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Horny blonde enjoys masturbating for strangers in sex chat rooms

Something that you might be looking for is free porn masturbation. And, sites like is full of strangers masturbating in public chat rooms. Finding free porn masturbation material isn’t that hard but there are times you want something unique…. Continue Reading →

Can We and Should We Try to Rid the Internet of Porn?

Do you remember being at that age when you had learned your alphabet enough so that you were just about able to look things up in the dictionary? Do you remember the first words you looked up? They were “rude”… Continue Reading →

Should I buy a Sex Toys

FAQ about Sex Toys When your friend tells you that he/she is using sex toys, the first thing that comes in your mind is it safe to use, does it has any side effects and many more. Sometimes questions are… Continue Reading →

Would Death of the Porn Industry Improve Couples’, Families’ Relationships

The porn industry has such far-reaching effects on couples and families he could take a lifetime to write about them all. Some believe it’s just a benign, fun thing to do, while many others have suffered the devastation porn brings… Continue Reading →

Does Porn Constitute as Cheating in a Relationship

What makes of a relationship when it is composed of you, your man, and his porn? In this article porn is referred to her. When intimacy subsides, because of a mans addiction and affair with his beloved other, what then… Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Porn Addict

Where to begin, well I guess I should start with my child hood and what led up to my addiction to porn. I was born in France in the year 1989, my parents who were missionary’s traveled around Europe where… Continue Reading →

How to Enjoy Porn with Your Partner When It’s Not Your Cup of Tea

Adult entertainment is a big industry. It is said they make something for nearly everyone to enjoy. Movies run from merely sensual to up-close and personal to semi-plot driven to bare bones acts caught on tape. Most people come into… Continue Reading →

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