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Would Death of the Porn Industry Improve Couples’, Families’ Relationships

The porn industry has such far-reaching effects on couples and families he could take a lifetime to write about them all. Some believe it’s just a benign, fun thing to do, while many others have suffered the devastation porn brings… Continue Reading →

Does Porn Constitute as Cheating in a Relationship

What makes of a relationship when it is composed of you, your man, and his porn? In this article porn is referred to her. When intimacy subsides, because of a mans addiction and affair with his beloved other, what then… Continue Reading →

How to Enjoy Porn with Your Partner When It’s Not Your Cup of Tea

Adult entertainment is a big industry. It is said they make something for nearly everyone to enjoy. Movies run from merely sensual to up-close and personal to semi-plot driven to bare bones acts caught on tape. Most people come into… Continue Reading →

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